Who was Pegasus?

Pegasus was a flying horse. He liked being a flying horse, but he was rather lonely. He had no friends, really, and no family. He could not live with his father, Poseidon, Lord of the Sea, because Pegasus could not breathe underwater. His mother was the dreadful monster, Medusa. She had snakes for hair and hated everyone, including her son, Pegasus. He kept himself busy saving others, especially Greek soldiers wounded in battle. But it was not the same as having a family or a friend to do things with.

One day, Zeus noticed that Pegasus was very depressed. That was the day Zeus and Pegasus became best friends. Zeus took Pegasus to live with him on Mount Olympus. Zeus and Pegasus were soon a familiar sight, flying through the stars. Zeus had a friend he could count on. And Pegasus had a home.

When Perseus, another god, killed the dreaded monster, Medusa, Perseus was worried that perhaps Pegasus, the flying horse, would be upset. But Pegasus was delighted his horrible mother was dead. From that day on, Perseus and Pegasus were friends, not best friends like Pegasus was with Zeus, but good friends indeed. They remained friends all their days. 

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